Hired A Rat Exterminator I Found Online And They Did A Great Job


I was having some issues with rats around my building outside. I have 2 cats, but they didn’t seem to be doing cat things and getting rid of the rats. This building seemed to be infested with rats and I really wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to get rid of them as quick as possible and make sure they didn’t come back.

I went to Google and searched for a rat exterminator in the area. I wanted to hire someone that knew what they were doing and had experience getting rid of these nasty animals living in my building. I found several rat exterminators that I could hire for the job. I read over the reviews to see what I could find out looking at them. I found several things that were said about one company in particular that were really good. I wrote down the name of the company so I could give them a call to ask them some questions when I had a chance.

After I got some things that needed done around my home, I called Swat Wildlife to see what they could tell me over the phone. I was pretty concerned about putting poison out for the rats because I didn’t want my cats getting into it. I asked them how they are able to get rid of the rats and told them my concerns about poison. They told me they have a few different ways to eliminate the rats and told me what they were. After hearing what they said and having the option to not use poison, I decided to hire them for the job. I told them where I was located and they were able to come over the same day.

Swat Wildlife was able to eliminate the rats without using poison. They were able to trap the rats and get rid of all of them within a matter of a few weeks. They came back and checked the traps and disposed of the rats as they found them in there. They said there must have been a nest of them and that’s where it was at. Since hiring Swat Wildlife I haven’t had any other issues with rats and if I do, I know I will hire them for the job. I even went online and left a great review for them in case anyone else is searching for a good company to get rid of wild animals in their home or on their property.

This company was great to work with and most importantly got rid of those nasty disease carrying rats. I am glad I found them and hired them. I feel comfortable going around that building now because I know there won’t be a rat that runs out in front of me or that I find in there just hanging out. It has been a really big relief for me and I’m glad I hired them.

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